thirty - four 

                         who knew 
                         that the first time your heart broke 
                         mine would too

three days spent pulling the blankets up over our heads and pushing togehter clammy skin to see just
how close we could get, so I discovered constellations in the freckles under your eyes and tried to catch
all the secrets sparking from those rambling stories. we unfurled onto one another. I burrowed myself
into the crook of your body and woke up encased in you, stayed there for hours as the shades of light out-
side the window collided, kissing you until the rage trapped between my ribs began dissipating and the
harsh flaws slipped somewhere quite and safe and I've never been good at keeping anyone around
but I'd  like to keep you right where you are if you'll let me, because the ghosts linger and I don't
always know how to carry the heaviness of a heart but there you were and here you are,
and I would be willing to stay if I can just crawl inside you for awhile. 

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